A restructuring is pending including the need of a further development of organization, processes and procedures?

Problem description:

Do you have problems with your sales and project organization and the associated processes due to various causes? Possible causes for this are, for example:

  • Lack of leadership, as there was previously no centralized leadership of sales / project organization and therefore the various customer teams are acting very independently, uncoordinated and inconsistently
  • Sales and project activities in the HQ and in the regions are not sufficiently aligned and the locations are partially played off against each other by the customer side
  • there are no and only incomplete process and work instructions, or there are such instructions, but they are not lived and applied; or there is a in general a lack of process discipline in the company, which in turn hinders sales and project management from complying with their own instructions
  • Sales and project management are overloaded due to the permanently necessary crisis management with customers due to quality and delivery problems, so that their core task, the generation of new business, is severely impaired
  • In addition, the problems are often made worse by an increased fluctuation of dissatisfied sales and project management employees


You either have to take massive countermeasures against these problems or if these problems persist you will lose the trust of your employees and your customers and, in the medium term, your future viability.


Intensive analysis of the status quo and the causes as well as intensive discussions with the team members, all departments involved and the management board. A lasting remedy requires an acknowledgement that the status quo needs to be changed and the active will for alteration. On this basis, the organization can then be restructured and the associated processes and procedures further developed. Missing processes and interface definitions to be added. These include, for example: an inquiry and offer reporting, inquiry prioritization meetings within the teams as well as interdisciplinary, regional and global coordination committees; a functioning project status reporting process and milestone reviews. Furthermore, it usually makes sense to track the compliance with the processes with KPIs and to record this.

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