Short-term personnel bottlenecks: You are temporarily unable to fill a management position yourself?

Problem description:

Do you have an unexpected personnel bottleneck in the management of the sales, project management or product management division and cannot close this gap yourself at such short notice? Possible causes for such unforeseen gaps are:

  • sudden, long-term illness and absence of an executive
  • Short-term resignation and leaving of the previous job holder
  • the previous job holder must close another internal gap at short notice
  • Bridging the period from the search to the permanent replacement of a position, especially if the desired candidate is only available at a later point in time due to possible blocking periods
  • Takeover of another company without the previous management team there


As an interim manager with 30 years of interdisciplinary professional experience and in-depth, comprehensive expertise in the diverse fields of activity of sales, project and product management, I am available to you at short notice and can close the gap quickly and efficiently thanks to my know-how and my very good analytical skills. With my in-depth practical experience, I cover all relevant areas of responsibility.

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