Your challenges.

My solutions.


From the practice for the practice.

To give you an idea of my work, I have put together a selection of some challenges and solutions that make my offer tangible and understandable. I do invite you to get an impression of my work and impact based on those project descriptions.

My offer – I characterize my approach as »No-Rocket-Science« consulting. In no way do I want to downplay the task to be solved, but make it clear that we are going to approach it as simply and practically as possible. From practice, for practice.

»I have learned my business right from the scratch and know the operational business.«

Robert Schirra
Interim Manager


Challenges through globalization and intercultural cooperation with Asia / China: Do you need help and intercultural coaching in interaction with Asian partners, customers and locations?

Problem description: Due to their economic importance, Asia and China in particular are now regions that, as an internationally active company, must not be ignored ...
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Positioning of the product portfolio necessary? Do you need an expert at short notice to analyze, streamline and further develop your product portfolio and sharpen the customer value proposition?

Problem description: You have a redundant, incomplete or no longer competitive product portfolio due to: changed market and customer requirements a merger with other companies ...
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Crisis management in a toxic project: Do you need an expert to solve specific problems at short notice?

Problem description: The client has a toxic project on board for which there is an urgent, multidimensional need for action: The project is significantly behind ...
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A restructuring is pending including the need of a further development of organization, processes and procedures?

Problem description: Do you have problems with your sales and project organization and the associated processes due to various causes? Possible causes for this are, ...
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Short-term personnel bottlenecks: You are temporarily unable to fill a management position yourself?

Problem description: Do you have an unexpected personnel bottleneck in the management of the sales, project management or product management division and cannot close this ...
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