Challenges through globalization and intercultural cooperation with Asia / China: Do you need help and intercultural coaching in interaction with Asian partners, customers and locations?

Problem description:

Due to their economic importance, Asia and China in particular are now regions that, as an internationally active company, must not be ignored neither as a procurement market nor as a sales market. When dealing with these markets, potential suppliers, local customers, partners or with your own location on site, it is necessary to be aware of the intercultural differences and challenges and to face them:

  • In this context it neither makes sense to show excessive distrust nor inappropriate carelessness.
  • The former would prevent an open, mutually beneficial partnership and thus undermine the full use of the synergies and advantages of the engagement in Asia.
  • As a diametrical opposite pole, the latter would be just as grossly negligent, because this leads to risks such as:
    – avoidable intercultural conflicts
    – high fluctuation at the Asian location
    – Unintentional outflow of know-how due to inadequate safeguard
    – financial damages from corruption
    – the complete loss of your investments
    in the partnership or the local location


It is therefore first necessary to have or to create an awareness of the intercultural differences, challenges and stumbling blocks. The next step is to sensitize the involved persons and to develop a pragmatic way of dealing with the differences in cooperation, without forgetting one’s own identity and values.

I can support you as an intercultural coach or consultant on the basis of my 30 years of experience in Asia and the intensive preoccupation with this subject, e.g. through:

  • through day / half-day courses to introduce into the topic and to raise awareness
  • through advice, accompaniment or support of executives or employees in the daily cooperation with your Asian partners in order to better assess situations, to recognize and solve problems as independently as possible, to adapt behavior and to achieve more effective results
  • by accompanying and supporting negotiations with Asian partners and customers
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